Atlanta's Best Frameless Shower Doors & Mirrors

Alpharetta's Leading Frameless Shower Door Company

Premier is a family owned business with 30 years of experience in the custom glass industry. We can create a unique shower enclosure to fit your size and configuration as well as custom table tops, glass shelving and kitchen cabinet glass to change the look of your kitchen at an affordable price.

Call one of our team members today at (706) 265-7473 and let us turn your vision into a reality.

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Alpharetta's Leading Frameless Shower Door Company

Alpharetta is suburb just a few minutes outside of Atlanta. With large colonials and wrap around porch homes, many home buyers have decided to call Alpharetta home. The area is convenient for just about anything a person needs or wants.

To add finishing touches and a little extra value to their home, many homeowners decide to add frameless shower doors to their master bathroom(s). Our elegant design and professional installation has Premier Shower Door as one of the top-rated frameless shower doors companies in Alpharetta. We always strive to price our projects fairly and meet and or exceed expectations on the finished product.