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Premier prides itself on being a family business with 30 years of experience in the custom glassworks industry. We focus on providing superior customer satisfaction at an affordable price.

For questions or a quick quote on frameless shower doors, give Uncle Mike a call at (706) 265-7473.

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Your Dawsonville Frameless Shower Door Supplier:

Premier Shower Door of Dawsonville is proud to be a small business located in Dawsonville, Georgia. We have a special relationship with our neighbors and community members. We take extra care in always providing the upmost quality of service. Dawsonville has a heritage in being innovators. In fact, many believe that NASCAR itself got its start here in our small town with the local moonshiners fixing up the hotrods to outrun the law.

Well, we do not try to out run the law but we are a company that has helped set the standards for professional installation and design of frameless shower doors. Dawsonville residents know they can trust us for quality workmanship and fair pricing. Being innovators in our industry, we have shown that big things can occur from small beginnings if your passion is focused on doing things better.